Why Pollen?

It’s simple. No extra equipment, all our features, one low cost.

There are lots of great tools to help local businesses. So how do you know if Pollen is the right one for you? If you own a small, local, brick & mortar business - and you want a simple, low-cost, automated way to grow your business, Pollen might be the perfect fit.

Here are a few things that make Pollen different:

No extra equipment.

Pollen works with what you already have. All you’ll need is a device with internet access (the tablet you use for your POS, a computer, or a mobile device). Your customers will be able to install our free mobile app to make referring friends, punching loyalty cards, and redeeming rewards faster and easier.

Access to all our tools & features.

When you join Pollen, you get access to every tool we have. Just want to run a referral program? That’s great! Wanna create a loyalty program too? Use both! And as we add more features and tools each month, you’ll get access to them too.

One low cost.

Our desire is that Pollen would be a really affordable tool to help you grow your business. We use simple pricing, and you just pay one low, monthly cost. There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and you can cancel anytime you want.

Always innovating.

We’re working to release new features on a regular basis. As a member, you can request a feature anytime from your Dashboard, or upvote other features you want to see get built quicker. Bottom line: when you join Pollen, you’re partnering with a company who wants to make an app as helpful as possible for you.