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Referral Programs for Breweries & Distilleries

Grow your brewery or distillery through word of mouth.


You’ve got the ability to take corn, rye, or barley, and turn it in to something more. You are our local brewers or distillers. And now, you want to grow your customer base, and reach more locals through word of mouth. Pollen lets you create a custom referral program for your brewery, distillery, or winery, that runs itself. All you need to do is create it and promote it, and we’ll take care of the rest. Customers will be able to send their friends a free drink, and you’ll acquire new customers the best way possible: word of mouth.


Launch a referral program in minutes.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.



Choose a gift

“Give your friends a free beer


Then a reward

and get a free beer


And the number

for every 3 friends who use it.”


How it works.


Share the link to your program.

After you create your program, you just share 1 link. When customers tap or click the link, they’ll be able to join your program in seconds and start referring friends. Share your link anywhere your customers are: your website, social media, and more.


Customers join in seconds, create an account, and can refer friends right from their phone.

Your customers will be able to share your gift with friends in just a few taps, through text message, social, or anywhere else they want.

gip3 redeem.gif

Customers redeem rewards, in seconds.

Customers can use our “tap to redeem” feature, so everything is hands-free for you. And redeeming a Friend’s gift just takes a few seconds. From there, Pollen will invite the friend to join your program and start inviting their friends.


How Pollen makes you money.

Referral marketing is really powerful (and cost effective) for breweries, distilleries or wineries. By giving way a few free drinks (which usually only costs you between $1-3 per drink), plus the cost of running Pollen, you can gain customers that will end up spending hundreds of dollars with you each year.

How about an example?

Let’s say you give away a free drink to get people in the door, and reward customers a free drink for every 3 friends they send to you. That means that to gain 1 new, potentially life-long customer, you’re giving away 2 drinks at a cost of about $2-5 for you (plus the cost of Pollen of course). If that customer comes comes back just once a month for a year, and spends $10 each time, you’ve just made $120. So it costs you $5 (plus Pollen) to make $120. Not bad huh? Oh, and Pollen can help you gain a lot more than 1 customer each year.

Calculate your brewery/distillery’s potential profit using our ROI calculator.


Examples of what you can build…

Give your friends and earn for every
a free beer a free beer 3 who come in
a free cocktail a free cocktail 3 who come in
a free beer a 12-pack 7


Everything we offer, at one low price…

  • Custom referral program: create a fully customized, two-way referral program.

  • Custom loyalty program: ditch the stamp cards and hole punchers (learn more).

  • Reporting: view how many customers and redemptions you have.

  • Fully-automated: Pollen rewards customers and invites friends, automatically.

  • Manage/edit: change, pause, or cancel your program anytime.

  • And more: we’re always working to add new features & tools. As a Pollen member, you get access to them all.

Learn more about our features.


Why Pollen?

No contract, signup fees or hidden costs.

No extra equipment needed.

One low, monthly cost.

Access to every feature & tool we release.

World-class support that really cares about your success.

Need more reasons? Here you go.


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