Episode 02

The story of Neat Coffee

In this episode you'll hear from Ally, owner of Neat Coffee in Costa Mesa, CA. She shares what inspired her to open a coffee shop, how she learned the trade and eventually took the leap to starting her own business, and a ton more. Topics covered include: overcoming fear, starting lean & small, perfecting your product before expanding, the importance of brand, and a ton more! Happy listening :)



This episode we’re talking with Ally from Neat Coffee in Costa Mesa, CA. Her journey to starting Neat began in 2010, after she married her husband David, and they spent their first year of marriage in Uganda working for non-profits.

During a visit to a local coffee farm, she saw the process of making coffee from beginning to end, and a seed was planted to come back and start her own shop. After coming back home, she worked for 4 years in the industry to learn more about running a coffee shop, and then took the leap.

Ally has an amazing heart for community and loves how coffee brings people together, and this is her story.


  • Overcoming fear and taking the leap to starting a business

  • Starting lean and small

  • Perfecting your product before expanding

  • Creating community

  • Hiring your first employees

  • The importance of brand, visuals, and graphic design

  • Advice for aspiring business owners

  • What’s next (Neat 2.0)


Web: http://www.neat.coffee/
Instagram: @neat.coffee