Episode 08

The story of Modern Male Barbershop

Learn how Nick started Modern Male Barber Shop, and grew it from 1 chair and 1 barber to multiple location, a growing team of barbers, and is now in the process of creating a barber school.



In this episode, you’ll hear from Nick the owner of Modern Male Barbershop. Modern Male is a barbershop seeking to bring back the lost art of barbering, and cultivate a place where fathers and sons can come and have the camaraderie that they used to, when the barbershop was a pillar in the community. It's a place to gather, meet, talk over a root beer or a beer, have a conversation, and leave looking and feeling great.


  • How Nick grew from one chair, and one barber (himself) to multiple locations, a barber training school int he works, and an apprentice program.

  • Lessons he learned from his business mentor and coach

  • How he thinks about creating a place where his customers and his employees are well taken care of

  • The need to put in systems and processes to keep growing in a healthy way

  • And a ton more...

This may be one of the most “business-focused” episodes I’ve done, so there’s a lot of gold here if you’re a small business owner. If you haven’t gone through the process of developing an employee manual and communicating your vision to your employees, thinking about large-scale employee training, and the like- you’ll enjoy learning from Nick.