Episode 05

The story of Love Obsessed Boutique

Stacy is the owner of Love Obsessed a jewelry and fashion boutique that was rated the #1 boutique in Pennsylvania. In this episode, you'll hear how she started making jewelry by hand and eventually started her own boutique.



In today’s episode, I’m talking with Stacy, the owner of Love Obsessed, a small jewelry and clothing boutique brand. Love Obsessed actually started as a jewelry brand carried by the likes of Urban Outfitters and is now a full fashion boutique with three locations in Pennsylvania.


-How Stacy started Love Obsessed because she was pregnant, and wanted to contribute financially to her family...
-How she started making the first few - then the first few hundred - pieces of jewelry by hand and scaled it up from there
-How she got carried by stores like Urban Outfitters
-And then how, and why, she pivoted to expand into a boutique focused on fashion as well


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