What you get…


Custom Referral Program

Create a custom referral program and make it easy for customers to refer friends to you, and earn rewards.

Custom Loyalty Program

Customers can “punch” their card after a purchase. When they come in enough times, they’ll a reward.


Pollen rewards customers and manages your program automatically. You just promote your program.



View all customers in your program, redemption history & more.

ROI Tracking (coming soon)

View how much money Pollen has made you and new customers we’ve sent.

Manage Your program

Pause or edit your program anytime. Send a gift anytime to a specific customer, or remove them.


Customize your program

Upload your logo and include a description of your company.

hands-free redemption

Customers can tap to redeem, so you don’t need to leave your POS screen.

Get found

When locals in your town join other Pollen programs, they can search Pollen and find you.