As a Pollen member, you get access to every feature and tool we make.


Custom Referral Program

Create a custom referral program and make it easy for customers to refer friends to you and earn rewards.

Custom Loyalty Program

Customers can “punch” their card after a purchase. When they come in enough times, they’ll earn a reward.

Fully Automated

Pollen rewards customers and manages your program automatically. You just promote your program to your customers by sharing a link. It's that easy.



View all customers in your program, redemption history & more.

Manage Your Program

Pause or edit your program anytime. Send a gift to a specific customer, or remove them.

Profit Tracking (Coming Soon)

View how much money Pollen has made you, and new customers you've gained.


Personalize Your Program

Upload your logo and a description of your company.

Get Found

If locals are part of another Pollen program, they can search and join yours. When customers shop local, you win!

Hands-Free Redemption

Customers just "tap" your Pollen tag to redeem gifts or punch loyalty cards. It's fast, easy, and hands-free for employees.


Create your program in minutes!