We have one goal: your growth.


We want to…

Bring you more customers.

The first thing we want Pollen to do is to help you increase customers and sales. We happen to believe that word of mouth referrals are the best way to help that happen. Moving forward, we plan to build new features that help you thrive in an ever-changing technology-driven world.

Make you more Than We Charge You.

Pollen should make you much more than it costs. We believe that referrals are the best form of marketing, and always will be. Instead of spending money on mere impressions or the local paper, you’re spending money for new customers to actually walk in and try you out.

Always be building new features to help you grow.

We’ve got even more exciting features and tools we’re working to add every month. Our goal is to combine that with your feature requests, to build something that just keeps getting better.

My story (from the founder).

Like a lot of people, I grew up working at a small, family-owned coffee shop. It was a place where the community gathered to enjoy a good cup of coffee and meet with friends and family. It was also a place where I grew personally and professionally.

Fast forward a few years, and I had become a digital marketer: helping businesses reach more customers online. As I watched online marketing strategies continue to grow and innovate (not always in good ways) I felt that brick and mortar businesses were getting left behind to play catchup and figure out how to reach their customers in an increasingly online culture.

Pollen started as a way to solve my own pain: wanting a simple way to run a referral program for that coffee shop I once worked at. When I saw no solution existed, I created one. I sincerely hope it helps you grow.