Bring more local customers to your shop.

Pollen lets small, local, brick & mortar businesses create a referral & loyalty program that runs itself.


Tools to help your business thrive.

We’re always working to develop new tools to help local businesses get more customers and sales. When you join Pollen, you get access to all of them for one low monthly price.



Get new customers the best way possible: word of mouth.



Reward existing customers & keep them coming back.


Grow the (new) old-fashioned way.

Brig O’ Doon has only ever grown through word-of-mouth. They’ve never spent money on traditional advertising. Now they’re using Pollen to make that easier than ever.


No extra equipment. One low price. Every tool we make.

We built Pollen for local business owners that just wanted a simple, clean solution for growing their businesses. You won't need to buy any extra equipment, it just works with what you already have. Learn more about why Pollen is different, and see if it’s for you!


Our mission: helping local businesses thrive.

Pollen was designed to help small, local, brick & mortar businesses increase sales and get more customers. Our goal is that it makes you more money than it costs, every year. We’re constantly working on adding new features or tools to help you grow. So our goal is simple: help you get more customers, increase sales, and grow your business.

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